My cartoon stories are real. Some are recent and some go waaaay back. This is an outline of, well, all of it. This page will forever be changing and growing, so make sure you come back to visit from time to time.

Let's begin...

I'm an 80's baby born on the 15th of November, which makes me a Valentines Baby! I'll let you work that out for yourself. Growing up, I was extremely blessed to have both parents and a little brother all under one roof. My little brother Dylan, is now not so little. He has become such an amazing, mature, hard working, successful young man that I sometimes think he is actually the "older brother". My brother and I had an amazing friendship and still do to this day. Obviously like all siblings, there were days we both drove each other crazy. There was one point I was convinced he became a werebrother.
My parents love each other very much, even though at times my mom gets upset with my dads' sharp lines. He always turn's a serious situation into a funny one. My dad is the Fly Terminator.

As kids, we always played outside. Whether it was on our bicycles or on Roller Blades.
Going through my teens was a little different to the kids of today or any of the other kids at that time. I was a Late Bloomer. I only had my first BABALAS after high school, where most kids experienced that earlier and some even experience it before going to high school.

I was a quiet child at school, but an extrovert at home. I had a wild imagination and even nearly brought a heart attack on myself because of a scary shadow.
My mom and dad live in a small coastal town called Hermanus, although today, it's not so small. The town has really expand over time and has so many little secret places one has to visit.

My parents taught us to appreciate what we had and gave us responsibilities. A few of these responsibilities came in the form of pets. We loved all our pets and still talk about the funny or strange things they did to this day. Two of these legendary pets were Gotchi, the disabled parrot and Toffee, the bullterrier who was a window-starerunderwear thief and crocoterrier. Everyone knew how much Toffee meant to our family and we were sad to have her leave.

I was born in the Free State, in a town called Bloemfontein. We moved to Cape Town when my brother started school and I was going to grade 2. We missed our freedom of the small holding, but fell in love with the coast, Cape Town and the funny creatures called baboons who have become so clever, they have become Sweet Thieves.

During my high school career, I started body boarding and then at a later stage, surfing. My first wipe out was terrifying, but I was so proud of myself that day.
School for me wasn't too bad, although I hated watching kids be bullied. I found my passion in art even though I nearly burnt down my house while trying an art technique called Fumage

My parents gave us pocket money while we were still at school, but gave us enough so that we would do other little jobs to get more for all our spending and socializing. I went to waitress and bar-lady at a Golf Course part time while studying. I was a good, naive child who didn't know much about anything alcohol related and that's when I found out what slurring and a Jaimie Seagull was. I also learnt how to successfully balance bottles

When my school career came to an end I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to be one day. I went to study a year of photography, then a year of DTP and eventually did my degree in Creative Brand Communications at the AAA School of Advertising in Cape Town.

As students, budgets were tight so we would organize lift clubs. Spending time in traffic normally leads to irritation and road rage. Special moment would include getting to know each others gag reflexes when, in our case, shit fell out of the sky. Yes you read right. We also came up with things to do in traffic.
In general I enjoy driving when I don't lose my keys. I love the fact that I have that independence. I'm sure all of us have experienced funny moments while driving or even witnessed things like a Super Fly, learned what bird logic is and even met the Mother of Godzilla King Spiders while driving.

Student life, was the best life. Honestly I could be a student forever. While my brother and I were studying at AAA, we stayed in a beautiful apartment in Milnerton. We had the most amazing, fun filled times. My brother and I always had a micasa sucasa attitude when friends were there. We wanted everyone to feel comfortable and at home. When my brother and I graduated, he moved into Cape Town itself and I stayed at the apartment. I then had a flat mate and as flatmates do, we play pranks on each other, which then lead to the revenge on me.

Whilst growing up, life taught me many things like the difference between the worst pick up line and the sweetest pick up line. Here's a tip: when meeting a male you can tell what his personality might be like, simply by looking at his shoes.

When I entered the adult world of being a girl, I noticed the different faces girls pull while putting on makeup. I call this Make up Faces. I also discovered that I really do have a big fear for spiders.

While working at my first job, I won my first competition (iLove surprises) and moved into a house with 4 other people. We had LOADS of fun. We became a little family and they even accepted me when I would clap hands at the end of a movie. We called this house, Hauz V. My one house mate Cindy, also had a fear for spiders and unfortunately had more visits from these creatures than anyone else did in the house. The funniest moment was her trying to defend herself with a spatula. I called this: Spider VS Cindy

We had the Original Pranksters and even found myself battling life saving moments with our house cat Grrr and a Gecko. I also discovered that Cindy was in fact the only friend who could fly. I found out that moths break-dance and that it sometimes lead to unforeseen the death of moths. Poor things.

After working at my first job, I decided to find out if the grass was greener on the other side and went to teach English in Thailand. This was probably the biggest challenge - see my arrival in Bangkok and how I played charades to communicate.

I mistook fireworks for warworks, traveled the train in Bangkok for the first time alone and embarrassed myself. I was introduced to the weather in Thailand and scooter taxi's. I also found out you could park your elephant like you would park a car or scooter. 

Thailand has the most amazing natural occurrences. Two of these were the most amazing clouds and the shooting stars in the ocean. Apart from the beauty of Thailand, I met very interesting people. I met a Thai man who told me about his chicken named Peter and a little boy called Time who stole my heart.
Apart from nearly burning down a school, dealing with theft, and the endless amount of homeless animalsI also survived two near death experiences; Dengue Fever and being stuck in a cave
Teaching English in Thailand was at times very challenging and sometimes awkward, but also loads of fun.

When I returned to Cape Town, South Africa, I was reminded just how special Christmas is back home.  Sometimes I was reminded that a geyser is awesome and what is was like not having 
hot water in Thailand. Being home was rather thrilling. Trying to make a decision of whether or not I should stay or take on another country confused the heck out of me. There were things that drove me up the wall about my own country, but at the same time there were things I absolutely loved about being back. Seeing friends and family gave me the strength I had lost towards the end of my time in Thailand. Being away from Thailand also made me realize just how much I actually missed the beautiful islands, people, friends and ways of life. It might not always be greener on the other, but moving around makes you realize just how much each country can learn from the other.

After eventually 
settling and finding the apartment I am in now, a new chapter in my life started. Ohana adopted me. This was the first time I had the responsibility of having a furr child all on my own. She has become a big part of my life that she has become my alarm clock. I discovered the fear I think any parent has if their child was involved in a street fight.

To be continued...