A human-product designed to creatively help others by using a diverse set of skills, experience
and passion. A Jill of all Trades. This Jones is Claudia Jones and I am here to help your vision
come to life. 

You imagine. I create. 

Welcome to Things, a platform where I post about things I find on- and offline, things we can relate to and the me things that inspire my creative side. On this blog you will find things such as:

I'm a Creative born in the 80's. The life journey in becoming a freelancer began in my birth town, Bloemfontein. Here I spent most of my childhood adventures on a small holding just outside of town, growing up with gods, a cat named 84, cheeky guinea fowl and a pet sheep. 

We relocated to Cape Town when I was 8 years old and until now, this beautiful city has become my home. I live in a suburb called Durbanville, found on the other side of the Boerewors Curtain, right next door to our famous Table Mountain. It's a place similar to farmville, but filled with loads and loads of happy wine drinkers. 

I'm This Jones, a freelance designer who has also started a little business called Golden Tech where I help those cope with technology in their Golden Years. I assist the elderly with technology and absolutely love every second of it. It has been the most rewarding experience of my year so far.

2017 will be the year of learning new things and will be studying Art Therapy. From there my dream is to travel to at least 10 countries and become successful at living life to the fullest.   

Things started as the voice to 13 year old me who documented life hoping to publish a book when i grew up. Today, I blog stories using cartoon stick-men and push the capabilities of my iPhones' camera. I started blogging in 2011 and even though I have a whole 155 likes on Facebook, I have had a total of 32 000+ page views from visitors all over the world. South Africa holds the no.1 spot for page views, but is closely followed by United States, Russia, UK and France. Things is mainly viewed on desktops, but has grown to mobile readers over a few years.

Things has been featured on and approached by:

  • Inspired Living 
  • The Thailand Daily 
  • Bloggers.com - editors choice in 2011 
(sadly the site does not exist today)
  • Urban Compass 

The most viewed posts on Things are reviews such as Maze in Seapoint, 
Amulet,  Romantiques, and APP Day Monday posts. 

I want to highlight the things I find online, take you to secret places you might not know of and introduce you to unique individuals and small boutiques. I want to show you all the methings of This Jones's World. 

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