Washi Tape | Action - The Netherlands

Every DIYer is familiar with washi tape. Up until recently I had never used washi tape before. Where have you been all my life!? For those of you who don't know what washi tape is, I would describe it as decorative sellotape. It's so easy to use.

Action has become one of my favorite places to shop in The Netherlands. They are seriously well priced and stock almost anything you can think of for example gifts, home ware, gardening, electronics and clothing etc. It's like a one-stop-cheap-shop. The quality of some of the products we purchased is surprisingly durable although we've had one or two hiccups with items, but at the price one really can't complain.

If your South African, you can imagine Action being like the Ackermans, Pep, Jet and a little bit of Mr Price Home, all in one, except I found Actions' products better quality. I noticed that most of the items we purchased from Action were made in The Netherlands and not just China. I've visit two stores and both were quite big in size i.e. more amazing goodies to discover!

So because I absolutely LOVE Action, I will be sharing a few of my awesome finds with you from time to time. First up, Actions' washi tape!

For my DIY's I cut a Pringles container to a desired height (be careful when doing this) as well as an empty plastic container. For the center of my cylinders I used ribbon and then round off the edges with the washi tape. It literally took a few minutes to decorate and was quite chuffed with the result.

Action also has (I don't know how else to describe this) stretch-like-material washi tape. I found this one a little tricky to work with and noticed that it needs to be applied on a light colour surface to avoid seeing the original print of your container shine through.