Stuffed Peppers | Dekamarkt - The Netherlands

There are quite a number of different grocery stores in The Netherlands. For budget friendly shopping we love going to Dekamarkt. They well priced and so far we have not had any problems. Dekamarkt offers complimentary magazines, one filled with amazing recipes.

A favorite from their June 2017 issue is the Stuffed Paprika recipe. I only used peas, paprika peppers, feta and replaced the couscous (I'm not a fan) with mushrooms. This is the easiest recipe under the sun. Slice your pepper into two halves and add your filling. Pop your stuffed peppers in your preheated oven (200 degrees) for 25 minutes. I would advice you check up on them after 15 minutes to make sure nothing is burning. These peppers cook relatively quickly so you will be presenting wrinkled or disintegrated peppers if they are overcooked.