Rijks Museum | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Rijks Museum is a gigantic museum filled with thousands of art and history pieces. Unfortunately entrance is a little pricey. Worth it?  Definitely!

According to their website there are 611,382 works of art. It spreads over four floors (0,1,2 and 3). Everything about the museum is amazing - the interior, high walls and clever use of holograms all forms part of the endless-eye-entertainment. A beauty overload as my mom says.

There is so much to see and actually too little time. Most of the art I loved was on floor 03. When we eventually got there we were exhausted and a bit upset we didn't start there.
Browsing takes time so make sure to plan your visit before hand. There was quite a bit we weren't able to see, like the famous library, only because we ran out of time. Their website gives you a nice break down of what you can find and maps are available at the information desk.

Getting to the museum is very easy. As you walk out of Amsterdam Stations main entrance, you'll find a tourism information office (front left). Buy your museum tickets here, this way you jump the queue at the museum. The friendly staff will direct you to the tram that travels right down to the museum.

Here are a few personal tips for when you visit the Rijks Museum:

  • Take 50 cent coins - You will be asked to lock your bags up before viewing the art. The lockers are clean and safe, but not free. Make sure you have a few 50 cent coins to lock and unlock the locker during your visit.
  • Pack a Picnic - No food and drinks are allowed anywhere near the art, so fill up those tummy's before hand. For lunchtime head outside, park on blankets and REST!
  • Pace yourself - Be aware that you will be spending the entire day there. There is no way you can visit the whole museum in under 3 hours.
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes - Prepare yourself for lots of walking and standing in between viewing. Seating is available throughout, but finding an open spot can be a gamble on a busy day.