The Amsterdam Dungeon

If history, suspense and thrills are what you enjoy then I would definitely recommend visiting The Amsterdam Dungeon. Take an hour and 20 minute tour around The Dungeon and be entertained by comical role play while learning about the history of Amsterdam – dating back 500 years!

The absolutely amazing actors, their clothing, effects and scenes take you right back to the darkest days in Amsterdam. Be prepared for sneaky and unexpected scares, quite a bit of standing (do make sure you are wearing comfy shoes) and sudden blackouts. In total there are eleven shows throughout the tour and for the most part the actors love involving visitors as part of the show.

I really don’t want to give much away, but imagine getting lost with a group of laughing-strangers, surrounded by mirrors only to eventually discover that you were walking around in small circles with slowly-progressing-worried-individuals. It really was a lot of fun and ended with high suspense and awkward giggles. If you like me and watch scary movies between fingers and/or close eyes in times of panic, then you will miss out on the overall experience and thrills - try your best to keep your eyes open!