Dessert Jar

It's literally as simple as that. Dessert - in - a - jar.


  • strawberry jelly
  • instant pudding
  • crushed biscuits 
  • custard
  • marshmallows
First things first, make the jelly. We all know how long it takes to settle. Break the biscuits up into small pieces. I found it a whole lot easier and less messier to put the biscuits into a plastic bag. I then wrapped the bag in a dish cloth and lightly smacked it with a wooden spoon.

When the jelly is ready, add your crushed biscuits, followed by either the custard or pudding and top with marshmallows or any other sweeties you prefer. If you really want to be fancy, drip melted chocolate around the inside of the jar before adding the rest of your ingredients. Voila, easy peasy!

Claudia Jones

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