International-Actress-Face Double and Proudly Zimbabwean Diva

One late afternoon my boyfriend and I went to get our monthly dose of all you can eat sushi at a restaurant in Blouberg. That’s when I met beautiful Priscillah.

Her friendly personality and smile captured our attention. This girl is meant for amazing things!
There is without a doubt, that this lady has been asked one particular question more than she can count… 
Who does she look like!?

After getting to know her in a short time I knew then, I had to tell her story! So without wasting anymore time, here is my interview with Priscillah.

When we met you, you had us in a fun little game guessing of who you might have been mistaken for. At the time we just couldn’t put our finger on it! Who is your celebrity lookalike?

I remember when we met you were trying to guess which celebrity I look like. The moment you asked me I knew who you were talking about because I'm used to people asking and telling me. It was fun to have you guess, see you try and give up. When I told you its Kelly Rowland, you both agreed. A lot of people have told me that I look almost like her even though I don't really see the similarities.

I still think you look so much alike!

Kelly Rowland Image Source

You mentioned you like writing stories. Can you tell us a little bit more about what you write?

I like being creative in general. I write short interesting stories about anything that is happening in people's everyday life. I started creating stories when I was very young after my mother died. I was too young to understand what death is and thought my mother was going to return any day. I imagined what it would be like the day she returns. When I began to understand everything about death, I was so hurt. It was difficult to accept the reality. That pain and realizing that my plans were history (of what we were going to together), lead me to put my words onto paper. I was heartbroken. I didn't have anyone to talk to about it so I decided to write what I was feeling. With time and still today I got used to writing as well as being creative. I still believe that if I had studied screen/script writing together with my creativity, I would have written a very good script.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself, where you were born, where you grew up and about your family.

My name is Gamuchirai Priscillah Madziwa. I come from Zimbabwe. I was born in March 1991, in a city called Mutare. I grew up in Rusape with my family. My father, brothers and sisters are all in Zimbabwe. I come from a very big, united family. I'm a single mother of a lovely 2 year old daughter who stays with me here in Cape Town.

When you were little, what was it that you wanted to be when you grew up?

As a little girl I wanted to be an air-hostess, but as I grew older I changed my mind and had other dreams to follow.

When I met you, you were working as a waitress, but the next time I went to visit, I was told you had a new job. Tell us a little bit more about what it is you are doing now?

When I came to South Africa in 2011 I wanted to do the type of work I studied for, but realized it was not that easy being in a foreign country. I grabbed any opportunity that came my way and kept hoping that one day I will find the job I’ve always wanted. I enjoyed working in a restaurant as I learnt new things that I had never known before and now have experience in the restaurant industry too. 

Today, I am working at a money remittance company as a customer care agent and really enjoy my job. It is what I’ve always wanted.

Where would you like to see yourself in a few years’ time?

In a few years’ time I would like to see myself as a very good screen writer and to also have my own fashion company. In short I want to see myself as a Boss Lady.

What is your biggest dream?

Giving my daughter a better life and upgrading myself from all angles.

Apart from Writing, do you have any other hobbies?

I like watching movies, it’s what I do most of the time when I'm at home with my little girl.

What is your favourite thing about Cape Town?

Cape Town is a tourism centred city, we encounter a lot of people with different types of cultures from many different destinations.

If you have any advice to being happy and/or staying positive, what advice would you give?

My advice to anyone is:
Life is what you make of it, pursue your dream and never give up. A journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step.


To close, in between Priscillah’s busy life she also started a small business selling South African clothing and cosmetics to local vendors in Zimbabwe. Her business helps them save time on travel and importing... so if you are currently living in Zimbabwe, check out Fashion Addict Zim S.A and let her do the shopping for you!  

I am also excited to announce that Priscillah’s stories will be appearing from time to time on this blog! Stay tuned and follow my page on Facebook to be notified of her stories.



  1. Way to go, indeed Life is what you make of it, pursue your dream and never give up. A journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step.

  2. so proud of you dear, you've done very well for yourself. just don't stop dreaming. the sky is the limit