Majik Forest - Bellville, Cape Town

In the middle of suburbia we have a little secret not too many Capetonians know about and it was actually a little difficult for me to decide whether or not I should post about it.

Two things were bothering me:
1. why keep something so beautiful a secret and away from people who would really appreciate it
2. risk exposing this beautiful place to the wrong type of people who would just trash it.

So for all of you who fall under number 2, just know that there are many eyes watching you when you think there aren't. If you litter, destroy, vandalize or cause any destruction to this beautiful place just know that I am watching you (and so are many others)!

For all of you who would like to visit the Majik Forest (pronounced Magic) you will be able to locate it here in the Northern Suburbs, Bellville. This beautiful little forest is right at the end of Jip de Jager road. You would take the Jip de Jager turn off traveling from Cape Town towards Paarl, take a left at the traffic lights and travel up and down our suburbia hills for about 10 minutes.

It's very popular for mountain bikers, joggers, strollers, fishermen and nature lovers. I just so happened to land on a website where you can stay up to date with news, fund raising and general information about the Majik Forest. Unfortunately you will need to be careful when you visit this beautiful little gem, just like any where else, always watch your back and don't wonder off alone. The Valley Committee have been able to secure the area with a fence, but there is no control of who enters at this stage. They are still in the process of sorting more security.

So if your in the mood to relax, pack a little snack bag and visit the Majik Forest. You won't be disappointed...