Online / Digital Dating - Part 01: 10 Different Digital Male Daters

 There might come a time in one’s life when you enter the digital world of online dating,
which I refer to as, Digital Dating
Gone are the days of first time, face-to-face, in-the-flesh encounters. Striking up a spontaneous conversation with someone in the real world was once just a Rom Com.
Dating is exciting, but unfortunately for some it is the most heart breaking, soul crushing, TERRIFYING… moment(s)… of their lives.

I admit, I’ve done online dating. It was fun, but sometimes, annoyingly time consuming. These days, hearing “we met via online dating” is normal and if you have, then I am very happy for you and would love to hear your story! Everyone has a little hope that one day they will spend many lazy Sunday’s with one person and there are those who hope to spend many lazy Sunday’s with many persons.
Dating Sites, Christian Dating Sites and even the famous Tinder all share one thing in common: Characters.  
Did you know that:
  • according to Dating Sites Reviews, there are 91 million people around the world, using dating apps. 
  • 61 million (2 out of 3 people) of them are men and 64 million (7 in 10) are between 16 and 34 years old...
  • just to give you an idea, there are over 7.3 BILLION people in this world which means…
  • 1 in 80 people are using dating sites/apps.

That would mean every 8th guy you meet could be one of the 10 Different Digital Male Daters I found most common across different dating platforms. Let's take a look:

1. Mr Forward
This guy comes across as confident and that intrigues you. There is definitely room for conversation. While Mr Forward is respected for his honesty, he also knows no boundaries. Be prepared to feel a little offended at times. If you start feeling offended, just ignore it/him.

2. The d*ck
Literally. That's all you see.

3. Mr Muscle
Muscles for days! 
50% of these guys are nice and the other 50% are doucheNormally wearing a “help my sterk lyk hempie” (Afrikaans for: “help me look strong” shirt). His profile is filled with full length, pose-in-the-mirror, I-did-not-realise-my-phone-took-a-picture-of-myself, bathroom and/or gym shots.

Also side facing 
accidentally flexing.

4. Shy Guy
Awww. These are the quiet guys. Normally the chatting up the ladies skills are not always up to scratch. Just realize that even though he might not be your type, he said “hello”.
The simple “like” of your profile, probably took him a while to physically execute and he probably thinks he would never stand a chance with you, but thought he would try anyway.
Be polite and say hi… it will probably take him a few days just finding the courage to reply.

5. The Digital Player
Just like your real life player, this guy has all the ladies falling at his feet, while he runs away with their hearts. This digital player is exactly the same as the real life player. Be careful. No, you cannot change him. Just no.

6. Drama/Stalker Guy
This guy is pleasant company although he is the guy who might be somewhat a little over protective. He wants to know your every move. Be prepared for sad stories. Note the difference between he is into you and stalker, then you take things from there. Call the police if you have to. You can never be too careful. Try not to be rude, but slowly disappear back into the digital world. If all else fails. Block. Block. Block.

7. Mr Short Man Syndrome (aka Shorty)
Literally lies about his height. Your height, is “his height”.

8. Mr Charmer
Sweet Cheeks. Baby. Babe. Princess. Sexy Eyes. Good Looking. Cutie. Angel. Angel Face. He thinks of himself as endearing. From the moment he digitally lays his eyes on you, just like every other Sweet Cheek he messaged, you are labelled. Do not fall for his sweet nothings.

9. Mr Bling Bling
Money money mo-ney, MONEY! 
He most likely worked abroad and/or has his own big business. Good for him if it’s all true. If you think it might be too good to be true, look out for any of the following lines:
  • “I’m car shopping at the moment” - drives around in a not-looked-after, tin-on-wheels because it gets him from A to B. Remember there is nothing wrong with getting around in an old crock, but not looking after your car means you don't look after many other things. 
  • “I don’t like to flash my money” – if he didn’t like flashing his money, he wouldn’t make a statement like that.
  • “I have loads of family riches” - Just cocky.
If this guy isn’t lying about his wealth be careful either way, bragging probably never got him anywhere, but to his mommy.

10. The Normal Guy
Finally! The Normal Guy. Keep in mind that even though Digital Dating can be filled with weirdo’s, there are also genuine people out there looking for exactly the same thing you are… a normal person.
There is no description of what he might look like. He is normally the underdog in the digital dating world, but just like you, he isn't giving up. 

One can’t actually make any sort of final conclusion or even label digital dating as bad. You can read about many online dating success stories (for example) here and,here AND THEN read stats here and here. Online dating has simply made it easier to communicate when you shy and to find individuals who share the same interest(s) as you. Remember digital daters have probably read, heard and seen it all. They have most likely faced rejection, awkward face-to-face situations and hundreds of lies way before he was even aware of your existence. No one likes that. Be honest, but not to the point of giving out personal information like your digits, home/work place and bank account details. That's just stupid. Just remember, you can never be too careful with anything you say.

Stay tuned for Part 02: 10 Different Female Daters and Part 03: Digital Dating Tips.

This all left me wondering, are there any block busting, digital-dating movies and/or series? If not, that’s a market to tap into.

Your welcome.