Youthful Rita

Seeing as this is the week we celebrated Youth Day, I couldn’t think of a better saying/statement: “You are never too old to learn”.

For those of you who might not be aware, I recently started up my own little company called Golden Tech. I help the older generation understand and learn how to enjoy the wonders of technology. I step in when you don’t want to or when you don't have the time to ;).

A few weeks back I went to see a truly inspirational lady by the name Rita (88). With stars in her eyes, she started asking me questions about technology, emails and the internet. As we shared a few giggles on our technology based discussions, Rita was convinced that she also wanted to be part of this new world. Her enthusiasm and curiosity was something I will probably never be able to fully describe in the best of detail, but as we chatted, we were both, more and more, so excited for her new little journey.
The next week we made our decision to run with Telkom and I went straight to their store in Cape Gate. After hearing about Rita’s new journey, everyone (including the Telkom staff) was counting down the days Rita would receive her tablet.

I received a call a few mornings later saying her tablet was ready and without any hesitation I went to collect it on her behalf. I received a quick crash course on the tablet, but unfortunately was told that the simcard would only be active the next day.

The next day finally arrived!
On route to Rita, I could not stop thinking about the amount of excitement Rita was actually feeling. It reminded me of the excitement I had for birthday presents that I knew would be awesome.
Earlier the week Rita mentioned that she had written her sister (in the UK) a letter. In this letter Rita said “this will be my last handwritten letter… the next one will be digital!” Rita will now be able to communicate with her family anywhere in the world, at any time, for the first time ever, digitally.

As I walked into Rita’s apartment I noticed her eyes filled with excitement. She was clutching onto her chair, moving from side to side, trying to spot her new toy. I walked in with her parcel behind my back and as soon as I was near her, I handed over her little parcel. I cannot even begin to describe that moment of excitement and little jumps in her seat. We took out the Tablet, unboxed it and I showed her where to switch it on.

As soon as the tablet’s branding and little lights came on, giggles of excitement followed. I showed her around her tablet by letting her do the scrolling, swiping and touch. She could not believe, well, everything about it. She was mesmerized by the books I download for her and was awestruck when she had to swipe across the screen to turn a page. When she saw her digital copy of “Pride and Prejudice” she held her tablet close to her, as if she was holding a book close to her heart. She then started telling me about the story and how she felt about it. The time I spent with Rita that afternoon was magical :)

I could not have thought of any better way  than celebrating the week of “Youth Day” other than with a truly golden soul, who’s outlook on life and sense was wonder, was everything youthful.