My First Apartment

Recently Urban Compass got in touch with me and asked me to write about my starter home
I am so excited and actually feel quite honoured to be asked among a few other select bloggers to share what it was like starting up my own little home. 

In 2012, I spread out all the furniture I had among friends and family while some of it was sold for a bit of cash to teach English in Thailand. I wasn't planning on coming back any time soon, but after being robbed and then getting Dengue Fever, I decided enough was enough, I missed my family and friends and wanted to come home, which I did, in time for Christmas that same year. 

Having to find my feet in my home country was extremely difficult. I had to start all over again. Money was very tight and my living arrangement varied from friends couches, spare bedrooms and maid head quarters. It was a year of hell and frustration. 
Eventually, I managed to get a stable job and could start living my own little life again. 

After many years of sharing places with friends and realising that I am no longer a student, I had to grow up. I didn't want to live with people anymore because I enjoyed my independence so much. 

Towards the end of 2013 I literally had a week to find a place to stay as the house I was living in, had been sold. I frantically looked everywhere and eventually came across my current apartment I still occupy.
It was a struggle finding a single bedroom apartment where the living area would be separate from the bedroom. Most of the apartments I saw were the typical open planned bachelors.
After posting an advertisement of desperation on Gumtree, my current land lord contacted me. I viewed the apartment and without hesitation, I decided to make this little place, my new home. 

For those of you who don't know, I live in the beautiful city called Cape Town, South Africa. 

I live in a suburb called Durbanville. The area is well known for the wine farms, restaurants, entertainment and it's urban, but rural beauty.

When I first moved in, I had absolutely nothing. When I say nothing, I mean absolutely... nothing, but I was the happiest person in the world! For the first time I had my own place, my own lounge, my own bathroom... my OWN EVERYTHING!
With the help from friends, family and second hand stores I managed to collect a few things over time.
My first couch was infact a single bed. Yes, a single bed.
I tried disguising the bed, by filling it with all the scatter cushions I could get my hands on.
It worked out quite well actually as I now had a comfortable place for my friends to crash on. 

I bought the old school TV to match my old school television games for R200,00 and even got a fully functional DVD player with it :-). I'm not really a fan of TV, but I enjoy watching the news. 
Over time I learnt that my biggest saving grace was The Crazy Store and yes even PEP Home.
The amount of cash I physically spent to furnish my apartment must have come to R3500 - R4500 in total over a period of 10 months.
I was extremely blessed with the people I have in my life. Each piece of furniture came from someone's home and has a little story to tell.
My microwave, I have to point out is a Russel Hobbs microwave. It was given to me by my best friend Siobhan (aka Vonnie). My beautiful fridge was bought by my parents who have been absolutely patient with my very slow pay-back.

After moving in, I decided to be absolutely crazy and decorative. One evening I watched a YouTube video by Kalen Kitten where she said something that has stuck with me ever since. She basically said to decorate your last place you live in, before getting married or really serious about life, the exact way you've always wanted to... 
and that's exactly what did. I have never looked back. 
I try to keep a certain colour scheme, but if there is something awesome and I like it, I will buy it and I will find a place for it :-)

So without further adieu, let me take you on a little tour. 
Below is in fact, the first original setup in my living area. It's not much, but it entertained well.
Yes, it's a little crazy, but you only live once, so why not!?

The wooden words "dream" and "relax" I got from The Crazy store and were about R15,00 each.
I bought my tree from an entrepreneur at a set of traffic lights for R30,00 which then became my Christmas tree over the festive season. I strongly believe in supporting the local entrepreneurs in my country.
 Yes, those are indeed the very old school TV games.

Later I decided to call the little nook, The Crazy-fun-Magical area. Think of this as the playful corner in my apartment. The little heart shaped lights and Chinese lanterns create a fun atmosphere. It's my little dream corner :-)

A friend of mine, Dylan, was getting rid of his L-Shaped couch and I just couldn't resist and made it mine. This is my first proper lounge set and I will probably keep it for quite some time. What makes it even more awesome, apart from the colour, is that I only got it for R500,00. 
The awesome blue scatter pillows were a gift from Vonnie and the ottoman was a gift from my parents. 

I strongly believe that every home needs a table where people can wine and dine together. I know mine doesn't really classify as a big dining room table, but it is here in my apartment and fits in perfectly :-)
This beautiful little set was given to me by my parents. It was one of the first pieces of furniture to come along. What makes this even more special is that it was not only bought at a second hand store, but my dad hand sand and varnished the table down to make it look brand new.
The chairs are awesome, I don't care who say's what about them, they are my retro pieces. My clever dad also resprayed these so that they look absolutely new.
The table was R250,00 and the four chairs were R200,00 all together.
My lovely little kitchen didn't come with a stove or oven. This is quite common in Durbanville.
My gran gave me a voucher and I got the electric frying pan for R300,00.
My kettle was a Christmas gift from my parents and the Goerge Forman (Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine) was an extra appliance my parents had at home.
I saw the bread-tag idea on Pinterest for cables and decided to apply the same principle with my appliances. I marked them K for Kettle, F for frying pan and GF for the Goerge Forman. This is one less frustration out of the way and therefor not interfering in my daily routine.

I have a awkward little counter space in the corner of my kitchen which I use for all my nik naks.
I found that small empty coffee tins under my tap make it easier and reachable to store my dish washing tools.

My bathroom consists of a shower, toilet and basin. Its tiny. If I had to take a wild guess I would say it's about 1,5 (not even) square meter in total size. The shower curtain I bought at Mr Price Home for R200,00 on sale and the little basket for my toilet paper and air freshener is from The Crazy Store.
I like having the makeup I use the most (especially if I'm on the run) to be easily accessible, so I filled an empty coffee jar with glass pebbles and put my makeup in it. For me the "decoration" behind it, makes it acceptable to display the things you normally want to hide away.

Finally, my boudoir.
I think every girl should have a pretty bedroom. This is the place you rest, find peace and energize.
Your bedroom should be a special place.
The bed was loaned to me by my friend Bianca which saved me a ton of money. 
The artworks on my walls are singed colour copies by the original artists. This was a gift from my friend Megan who works on the cruise ships.
The fairy lights were R25,00 and can be bought at almost every China Town in Cape Town. I thought the fairy lights gave my bedroom the final touch it needed. The battery holder is hidden by a little aluminium heart which I bought from PEP Home. 
 You might have noticed that I prefer having the things I use most, to be easily accessible so that it saves me time to focus on more important things during my day. I hate searching and searching for things.
I hang my earrings and necklaces on an old wooden frame and use an old printers tray for my smaller earrings, bangles and rings. Behind my bedroom door I have a wire hanger which I bent slightly to accommodate my bigger bangles.
Me retro fan is from Checkers and only cost me R120,00.

To close off, what also makes a home, home, 

and I really believe in this...