Street Fighter

Yesterday I witnessed Ohana's first fight.
Most afternoons Ohana and I go for a walk (yes, I have brought her up like anyone would a dog).
While we were out enjoying the sun, we bumped into Romeo's owner. Romeo is Ohana's boyfriend.
We ended up chatting while Ohana and Romeo were chilling behind us.

After a short while, another cat approached us.
There was something about this cat I didn't like...

While we weren't paying attention this cat started approaching Ohana.
All of a sudden this crazy assh*le cat jumped on Ohana and started biting her while pulling out balls of fluff (literally the size of tennis balls).

 Next thing, Romeo got involved and in a matter of split seconds he smacked the assh*le cat that they all started running around our complex.
(This is when I realised I am definitely not made for running)
Here is me, trying to catch up with them...
 ... at that exact moment I realised how unfit I am... my butt felt bigger than JLO and Beyonce combined!
 It felt like the whole world was holding me down

In the end of the day, Ohana out-ran assh*le cat and I ended up babying my poor traumatized cat-dog back to normal. Not only did I realise that I'm unfit, but I am also definitely an over protective mother...


Claudia Jones

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