This is what has happened to me

It must be nearly a year ago since I last shared anything with you guys… 
In the same breath it has taken me a year to eventually get myself settled after returning from Thailand.

I had no idea that being away, would completely turn my life around when I came back. Realistically I should have expected this. Unfortunately, I thought it would be a whole lot easier.
I had no idea that taking a little career break would make my life a living hell trying to get back into it.  Looking for a job turned into a 9-5 job itself. To be honest, I also wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go next. 

When I came home, I took a month to decide what my next step would be. I was determined to go abroad again. The travel bug had literally gotten hold of me and I was dying to discover many many more countries and cultures. However reality woke me up. 

I eventually found myself happy and comfortable being back home with family and friends. I felt safe. Career wise, I was running around like a headless chicken. 

I took a year to try and find the right job or even a job where I was happy. I chopped and changed between jobs ranging from bar work right up to manual labour, working with large format printers and cutters. In one year I must have worked in 5 different companies until the right company eventually found me. It is a massive blessing to be happy, comfortable and to love my job.

While I was working those million different jobs, I lived in the same amount of places. I slept on couches, lived out of my car and eventually started renting rooms or granny flats from friends.
After I settled in my current job, I decided to rent my own little apartment.  Finding the one was a nightmare until my landlord saw my advertisement, called me up and now Im living happily in my own little space.

Living alone has been a HUGE challenge from collecting little bits of furniture to realizing that living alone is not only quite an expense, but at times a little lonely. 

Which brings me to Ohana.
Not too long ago, Ohana walked into my place with her buddy and they quickly made themselves at home on my self-made couch. 

Ohana’s friend left and it was only the two of us. She gave me massive, cute adoring eyes and from that point I decided to adopt her. She needed a home and I wanted a room-mate. 

Ohana found our complex a few months back and decided that she would find her new home here. Nobody knew who she belonged to and we all noticed her hanging around and over time started looking a little scruffy. She looked like a Rastafarian. travelling hippie. A few weeks went by and my neighbours decided to take her in. They fed her, loved her and helped her gain all her energy back. Unfortunately two kitties were already living with them and Ohana had to find a home. She stayed with them for two months until she decided to pop in by me. I decided to adopt her and make my home her new little home.

Ohana came at quite a lonely period of my life and the first few days were amazing until she decided to mark the entire flat with her pee. It must have been the most traumatizing few days for both of us. She had me washing bedding and linen everyday if not twice a day, starting 5 o clock in the freaking morning. Eventually after an entire weekend of bonding, we started working on a little agreement.  I’d give her fresh new ground for her litter box everyday if she promised not to use the entire apartment as her litter box.
**TIP: White vinegar takes away any unwanted smells - put it in a spray bottle and voila!** 

There are still so many stories I have to tell so I’m going to cut this one short until next time, hopefully not next year. :-)

Claudia Jones

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