Insta Hipsta?

The good old Instagram. I might have posted about Instagram a while ago, but I feel there is a need to clear a few things up. I want to try and focus on why you can use Instagram and why it's not a pure hipster app. Yes, it's a social network and apparently owned by Facebook. It's also one of the many social network apps where you can post images or even search for images by the use of hashtags. For example, if you are looking for a more personal view or range of images on a certain product or even place, you can search within Instagram and find thousands of images that were most likely taken by your everyday person. This way you can get a more personal feel to anything. What's also great about Instagram is that you can link your account with your other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and even Flickr just to name a few. You can post it to all those networks or choose to only post in your Instagram account.

It's a creative platform where you can take images of anything the way you want to. It's not only for photographers. It's for anyone and everyone.

It's one of the many, many apps that is still one of the most popular Photo Apps around. It's used by so many people world wide. I've heard people say "Oh so you use Instagram? You hipster you!" - WHAT?!
When ever something new comes out, changes are made and you have people enjoying it, automatically others assume you are hipster. I won't lie, you do get people that use and abuse apps for the same purpose as Facebook (like uploading an entire weekend on Instagram). To me, it is a place where you can share and view creative and unique photos along with a quirky comment or two. No meaningless status's. No random 1000 images filling up your newsfeed. No. Instagram allows you to share a single moment instantly. So yes, share your food, views, trees, flowers... whatever you want! If you have a moment you want to share, then Instagram is probably the best place to do it.
It's a place where you connect with other like-minded people. Even companies use Instagram to engage their clients or viewers with their brand. So it's not only for hipsters as some might say.
So with that said... here is a mini collage of photos on my Instagram account.