So I had this bird...

Pretty isn't he!!! :D
You know how people joke about people's profile pictures... where the head shot makes you seem like you are completely something else or photo-shopped... well Gotchi would be the best example of a situation like that. BEAUTIFUL head shot... but wait...

Gotchi was disabled. He had no feathers and feet that pointed outwards instead of to the front like a normal bird. We had to put two sticks together for him so that he would be able to be mobile in his cage. Most birds only need one. Gotchi had a few pairs.  He was seriously the most special bird. When Gotchi came into our family, we loved him. Normally birds with a deformity like Gotchis would never live long, but Gotchi nearly out lived everyone. He outlived all the other pets. He had the best 15+ years!

You might be thinking "What the heck"... seriously if you met Gotchi, you would have loved him. He was a legend amongst friends and even a little ice breaker at awkward moments...

Gotchi couldn't walk like a normal bird, but this didn't stop him. He waddled around like a penguin and got from point A, to point B with no problem...

and when he needed to get somewhere quickly, he would put his beak on the ground and motor forward at high speeds!

This bird was a genius, legend and AWESOME! We will always miss him!
MORAL OF THE STORY: DONT judge a book by it's cover!

Claudia Jones

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  1. Gotchi's speed walk was and will always be the funniest. EVER.