Shooting Stars in the Ocean

While I was in Thailand, I experienced something I wish every single person in this world would get to experience. We were on our way back from Koh Tao and I was struggling to sleep due to the fact that a huge foreigner next to me was taking over the entire sleeping space. Not only his, but the ones allocated on either side of him too. Yes he might have been slightly big boned, but there was enough space for him if he only tried to be nice. I know these beds are tiny, but you try and be accommodating to your neighbours around you. You get over the awkwardness and everyone sleeps in a spooning position. Think of it as a bunch of sardines in a tin. Gross example sorry. This does not mean "take over all the beds because I can".
Normally you would have to take an over night ferry to and from the islands as these trips can really take quite some time. In a nut shell the whole boat thing is quite an  experience on its own there in Thailand.

 So because I wasn't able to sleep at all, I decided to sit on the deck of the ship.  I sat there in the darkness all by myself. I admired the millions of stars above me. I had never been able to see so many stars as I did that night, in my whole life. I was in the middle of nowhere and there were no city lights to interfere with the night sky.

 As the hours passed, I didn't even notice the huge change below me. Infact, I had been staring at it without anything registering in my brain. 

 When I did notice what was happening, I realized that I had finally got to experience what I thought I would never see... bio luminous plankton.

My doodle drawings do no justice to what I saw and I wish I had a camera. Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture the glittery ocean and the fish that darted through the ripples appearing like shooting stars. Thankfully, we have very awesome people in the world that are able to capture these things that happen. Here are a few examples I found on the internet: