I'm a Creative person

If you met me years ago, you would know that I was constantly busy with something creative. I was lucky to be born into a creative family. A dad with his architecture and mad oil painting skills, together with a mom's creative eye and attention to detail created a monstrosity of a creative little me! I've always learned that if you can make it, then why bother to buy it. This worked really well to keep us creative. My mom taught me how to sew so that all my dolls and barbies were pimping in the latest Claudia Trends and when they weren't pimping, I was pimping in clothes I made myself.
When we grew out of dolls, we played with dough and created little animals or sculptures. We even baked them in the oven and went as far as painting them afterwards. My dad would make us anything we needed out of wood. When I say anything, I mean anything from a doll house, to a wooden violin and even a few shields and swords for my brother and his friends. On summer days, we even built ramps for skate boarding and rollerblading. My dad eventually got the neighbourhoods boys and dads into building go-karts.
Us girls grew out of barbies and into our jewelery phase. We would spend many Saturdays around our kitchen table chatting about boys and making pretty things. Those were the awesome days of our childhood. In our house, there was always something fun to do. 

I've been wanting to upload some artworks of mine I recently came across. Hope you enjoy them!

After many years of not painting and only being creative on the laptop, I have started experimenting with different styles to water paint...

I did this one for my brother. He requested the Robin wearing sneakers :)

The image below is one I am currently working on for a friend of mine.

Claudia Jones

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