Compact Living

If you haven't heard about Take Part, I think it's time you go check them out. I came across Take Part when I watched the saddest movie in the world. The Cove. It definitely is not for sensitive viewers, but it does open your eyes to what happens around us. 
Take Part focus on the problems and issues that transform our lives and the world we live in. Their content range from happy news to content that will make you cry. You can go read more about them here.

 Recently they had this post on their website. My immediate reaction to this was complete claustrophobia and broke my heart at the same time. Imagine living in a confined space of only 40 square FEET and sometimes even smaller. As much as I think this would save people living there a whole lot of money (noticing an iPhone in one of the photos), it also saddens me to know what people are forced to live in. Yes, it might be a roof over their head, but the conditions do not look healthy. Go read the article and be grateful for every single thing you have, the air you breath and the space you live in.

The following images were found on the article and taken by Society for Communication Organization.