App Day Monday: Game Your Video

I know. It's Tuesday. I'm late again, but as they say, better late than never!

Today I am reviewing Game Your Video. I have only had the chance to look through the funky features up until recently.

As an introduction to the app, here are a few simple reasons why you would want to download it:
- it makes video editing as simple as possible
- there are many video filters
- your videos will be unique
- you are able to record within the app itself
- edit videos in your camera roll

Game Your Video is an iPhone app that allows you to edit, cut, join, reverse and even split screen and combine your videos all in one very fun looking app. You can add as many filters as you like to one video. You can add them at different intervals and make them run at different stages of the video for different lengths of time. The awesome sounds, music and filters available allow you to create something unusual. If you don't like any of the sound/music clips availble, you can simply select a song from your iTunes Library.
Sharing videos is also easy. Once you have completed the editing of your video, you can directly upload your video to Facebook or YouTube. What I do think would be a little better, is having a few more options of social networks that you can share your videos to within the app.
I am absolutely in-love with the design and overall look of this app.

The only thing I didn't like about this app, was that it took time for me to find my way around. I'm not always the most awesome techno-savvy individual. Once I played around with it for a few minutes, I found everything. What I do think the app is missing and what would help is an "overlay" help menu or even a quick tutorial video within the app. This would help find your way around for the first few times you use it.

Did I mention the themes? Yup, you can add themes and motion effects to your existing videos and even to the videos that you record within the app itself. If you don't like the background sound of your original video, you can add your own voice recording! Become the story teller of your video!
I really do think that this little app is one of the better video editing apps at the moment and guess what guys... it's free!

Check out my awesome little video I made with Game Your Video. I recorded this video when I was in Thailand on a beautiful island called Koh Lipe. I did over do the video a little bit, but that was only because I wanted to add as many filters as I could to show you what this app can do.
ENJOY and your welcome ;)

Find Game Your Video on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.