App Day Monday: Assertive Touch

Before you say anything... I know it's Tuesday night. It seems like my App Day Monday will now be coming at a surprise... I like to keep things exciting!

Assertive what? Yes, Assertive Touch. This is not anything physical or to be taken literally. This is something that you actually might find useful one day. This does not apply if you only just got an iPhone or if you have upgraded to a later more modern looking iPhone. This post is to those of us who have had one iPhone for a long period of time.

Now, to those of you who fall into this category, you will know that after a couple of months (normally after a long couple of months and a lot of usage) the home button on your iPhone does not always respond when it is being touched. This button will decide not to work anymore, or you would have to press it at a certain angel which can be a pain up the bum.

Thankfully I had a very clever little student in Thailand who introduced the Assertive Touch on the iPhone.
What is it? Well, its a "home" button, but it works from the touch of your screen. It's not a physical little button on the bottom end of your phone.  I suggest that if you have not activated this home button that you do so as soon as possible. It didn't bother me at all. The first day or two felt a little inconvenient, but after you get to know this little button, it kind of just sits there and you end up using it more than what you would use the actual home button.
You can find the Assertive Touch Button on iOS5. It also gives you access to shortcuts that you can customize on Favorites menu. You can rotate your screen, shake, lock, adjust volume and mute your phone simply by using your "Device" option. You can do all of this just by using one single touch. It's a great feature!
This awesome feature is not only available on the iPhone, but also on the iPod and iPad! 

There is quite a bit one can do with this little feature. What does concern me is that this feature was created with great reason behind it. Does this mean all Apple products with a home button will need this feature eventually because the device might suffer a manufacturing malfunction?! If the answer is yes, well then it's just great (sarcasm). So to save yourselves the drama, time and perhaps some cash for unnecessary repair, get to know this feature. I even found a great little video you can look up to find out more.

If you want to activate your Assertive Touch Button you can follow these easy steps:

- Settings (scroll down)
- General (scroll down)
- Accessibility (scroll down)
- Assertive Touch (scroll down)
- and switch it on.

Easy as pie...

                            ... and your welcome :)