App Day Monday: USB Disk

I know last week I said I would do a video app review, but I found something a little more important.
All over the internet you will find:

what to do if you have an orphaned iphone?
how to connect your iphone to a new computer?
my computer was stolen i want put the info from my iphone to the new itunes download?
How to sync iPhone to new PC?

and the list goes on and on and on…

We all know my laptop was stolen bla bla bla… "how many times is she going to tell us this" you
might be thinking. I’m sorry. It’s probably the 100th time, but this time it comes with very good reason. This App Day Monday post is more for those who have an iPhone4. I’m not sure if this will apply to you if you have a newer or older version.

When you first get your iPhone, you start it up by connecting it to your computer/laptop with iTunes. It starts up everything before you can even use the phone. What Apple might not have realized was how hard it would be for people like me, to un-orphan your phone, if the original iTunes it was started up with, was gone. If anyone out there can help me with that issue, it would be great and I would probably reward you with a high-5. I googled the heck out of this problem and still never found a solution, until I found this amazing little app called USB Disk.

All I wanted to do was load new music, and maybe even do a little backup in case the iPhone would be stolen. Installing a new version of iTunes onto my laptop and resyncing my iPhone did not solve anything. Apparently my phone became an orphan.
It seems as though your iPhone will never be the same again with any new device unless you purchase a whole new iPhone or wipe everything off your current phone and start all over again. I wanted to transfer all the information I had on my iPhone to the new laptop without losing any of it, as well as transfer new music to my phone. Apparently you can’t otherwise.

Basically this little app allowed me to use my iPhone as if it was a USB. I could now transfer, view and manage anything from music, PDF’s, images, documents and basically anything to my phone. Amazing hey!? Well, it was very amazing to me.

It’s as easy as click-drag-and-drop. It comes with awesome step by step instruction to help you get started. It was easy enough for me to follow, which means it will be easy enough for anyone!
This app is free. There is obviously an extended version which will cost you, but will allow you to do a lot more. For me, the free version was all I needed.