App Day Monday - Photography

Seeing as I am into photography and the fact that my brand new Canon was stolen in Thailand, I often rely on my good old faithful: the iPhone camera. I have downloaded many photography apps that I could use when the camera isn’t on hand. I also use them to directly upload to Facebook, my blog and other networks. It's awesome being able to take a photo, do a quick edit and upload it immediately to any one of my social networks.

Today I will be reviewing a few of the photography apps I have on my iPhone.


Instagram is a quick, fast and fun way of sharing photos with your friends or followers on many social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Email, Flickr and Foursquare. It works on a similar principle when updating your status on Facebook and/or Twitter but is more focused on the image and not on the description. Although the two go hand in hand at times.

I like Instagram because it’s a place where people upload images that are important to them at one specific moment. It’s not about uploading a massive album containing 100 images that I highly doubt most people look through anyway. I find the images friends upload to Instagram are quirky, funny and sometimes make me slightly jealous. I often use Instagram to post up a single moment worth sharing with everyone. Most people use Instagram purely for food. It’s not about that. Instagram is not only for taking photos of food. Instagram is not a menu.

Instagram allows you to spice up a dull photo into something funky and retro within seconds. It crops your images into a square format which almost gives it that “polaroid” effect. Making the moment seem so much more memorable.

The only thing I don’t like about Instagram is the way people misuse it. I feel that if you already added millions of photos from your party last night onto Facebook, there is no need to upload your same million photos onto Instagram. It’s just weird.

I would recommend Instagram because the Instagram Community is such a large one locally and internationally. It has also now become available for many other phone models and not just the iPhone. Its quick, easy and best of all ITS FREE!

 If you like Instagram you will like Instaeffect. It works on a similar principle. The difference is that you don’t crop your images into a square. There are also more artistic filters for your photos to choose from. This might not be the best app created yet and the filters might seem a bit cheesy, but if you are into your Instagram community this could add a little fun to your Insta Life.



This is a very swag looking, photo editing app and it also has its own unique effects. Snapseed allows you to get a similar effect to photos that you would when you spend hours on Photoshop. With snapseed I can upload impressive, funky looking images within minutes and who doesn't love producing good results within seconds?!

I wouldn’t use snapseed on an everyday, every minute basis, but I would on a special looking image that I snapped. I find snapseed takes a little more time to get use to than any of the other apps, but definitely gives a nice overall finish. Much better than any other photo editing app I have used.

Not only can you share your photos on your normal social networks, but it also allows you to share an image directly onto google+. You can also open up the edited photo directly in Instagram once you have finished styling it.

Be patient when you first start using this app because you will be greeted with a number of overlay instructions. It seems overwhelming at first, but I promise you will get the hang of it quickly. There is a lot of touch involved in this app, swiping left-right, up-down, pinching etc, but this all allows you to get that perfect finish to your image. What I really found quite awesome about this is that by one touch you can view quick preview of before and after while editing.




 Picture Show

Last week I reviewed Picture Show. If looking for something a little less complicated or not too daunting in an app, Picture Show will allow you to do almost similar effects like Snapseed, but just a whole lot easier/simpler. I wouldn’t say that the end results are as professional or awesome looking, but it comes pretty damn close.

Picture Show was one of the first photography apps I downloaded when I first got my iPhone. The filters and effects on the photos are awesome and really quick to apply. What I do think this app is missing is a cropping feature.
Same as other apps, it also allows you to directly share your photo with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, flickr, tumblr, Blogger and even via email. I do think there are a lot better apps available that are for Free, so this one would not really make it to the top of my list as a purchasing app. In the same breath I don’t think you would be disappointed, but like I said earlier, there are better apps available.


There are so many photography apps out there and I'm disappointing that I wasn't able to post half of what I wanted to. Blame it on time; time did not allow it today. At least we know that there will be another review on some more photography and awesome video editing apps next week. I love video editing apps!

If you have used any of the apps I mentioned above or can mention a few more then please leave a comment below and tell me why you enjoy using it. Share your thoughts with the world :)