App Day Monday

On a regular basis people use them, abuse them, download more, get addicted to them and then there are even those that create them. Apps.
In today’s world, we rely on these little magical creations to communicate, locate and basically form a massive part of our everyday lives.

I have decided to claim my Mondays as “App Day Monday”.
Every Monday I will be reviewing Apps that I personally use or those that my friends are crazy about.
So apart from your normal Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype and Twitter apps (which we look into later), there are many more that are still to be discovered. Since this is the first day of “App Day Monday” I will be reviewing two!

When I first got my iPhone, I purchased this app when I read up about it else where.
The filters and effects on the photos are awesome!  It also allows you to directly share your photo with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, flickr, tumblr, Blogger and even via email. Even though this isn’t a free app, it’s worth it!

Sky Map

Sky Map is what it is by name. You can map out the sky by pointing the camera of your phone into any direction. It will name and show stars, planets and anything else you might be looking for up there. Best of all, it’s free.