Ton Tuk Waterfall - Trang, Thailand

Yesterday we hopped onto our motorcycles and ventured out into the jungles of Trang. We went to visit the Ton Tuk Waterfall. It is absolutely beautiful. There are many waterfalls around Trang and the size of them will change from time to time. We were lucky to get this waterfall on one of it's bigger days. This all depends on the rain fall on/or during the week. Please note that visiting waterfalls anywhere in the world is done at your own risk as there have been many cases of injuries from slipping off rocks and deaths when sudden gushes of water come pouring down. If you like the photos below and you are in the area of Trang be sure to visit this waterfall.

Here are directions:
Travel towards Yan ta Khao and turn into 404. You drive for quite some time and then make a left into 4125 at a big intersection. Later you turn left into 4264 and then right into 4026. Turn right again and you will travel down right towards the entrance of the waterfall. The locals are really helpful so if you do get lost, mention the waterfalls name and they will point you into the right direction.

Thank you Jo for the this photo :)

(Jo, I stole this one too hehe)

(Jo, I promise this is the last one :D )

I had to take a photo of these sandals. They have been through hell and back here in Thailand and now it's finally time to let them go... Good Bye awesome shoes, you made it all the way to Thailand from South Africa.