Dengue Fever

The ceiling became my friend. It's all I had energy for, to look at.
This might seem like the weirdest post on my blog yet. Unfortunately this is reality and something I felt that travelers should be made more aware of here in "paradise". This my dear people, is Dengue Fever. I was told about Dengue Fever when I first arrived and had heard a few horror stories about this virus-fever, but never ever thought that I would become a victim of this too. I should've known the Ninja Mosquitoes would be out to get me sooner or later.

It was over a week ago, a Sunday, that I came down with what I thought was a bad flu. I had all the normal symptoms. Aching body, fever, the works. I realised that this flu was not just the normal flu I had before. This felt worse. I was dizzy and thought I was close to fainting during one of my classes. The Thai heat didn't phase me one little bit. In fact, I was freezing. I went to the doctor and was initially told that I had a Viral Infection. 3 days passed, but still I wasn't feeling any better. It was now getting worse. The fever had me having sleepless nights and I felt drunk every time I closed my eyes. I felt completely light headed even though I was lying down. My body temperature was constantly up and down to a point where I thought I was going insane. It was back to the doctor the following Wednesday for blood tests. This was when I was told I had Dengue Fever.

My initial reaction was bursting into tears right after the doctor had told me. I was scared because I was so far away from my family and had no idea what I was really in for. Yes, in worst case scenarios it can be fatal, but if you catch it in time like I did, it just becomes one hell of a ride to recovery. At times I did think my body was slowly packing up on me and that this was it. I was going to die in Thailand. You become too weak that eating or even drinking water is way too much effort. Emotions fly high and you start spinning a little bit out of control.

Emotions aside, I was blessed to have an amazing friend check up on me every morning before she went to school and then again when she was home. I really do feel for people who go through this on their own. I cannot think of anything worse that could happen while you are traveling. This is not fun. Not one little bit. I was also very lucky to have my family on call 24/7 even though they were on the other side of the world. There were many Skype calls that made me feel so much more closer to home than what I had felt. It was great knowing that I had a support system.

This was the rash on my arm, on its way out...

One week eventually passed, I broke out with a rash and it was back to the hospital. That's when I knew my body had lost all its strength and energy. I can't imagine how people would go through this without spending at least one night in the hospital. Getting yourself on the drip and knowing that people are forcing you to drink water, eat and take your medication made me feel ten times more like a normal human the very next day. Even though I feel I am recovering quickly, I still have to rest it out. Small routines like trying to clean your room, leaves you feeling exhausted. Even having to do this post makes me feel exhausted.

The moral of this little story would be to please please please try using whatever you can to avoid being bitten by one of these mosquitoes. Remember, they are ninja's and yes they will manage to bite you even when you wearing repellent, but keep on applying.



  1. I totally had this! I got it while living in Nicaragua and it was the worst 3 weeks of my life. I also had a kidney infection at the same time so the doctor I saw there assumed it was the hemorrhagic strain and told me to prepare for death. I literally slept for 3 weeks straight - great to find someone who shares this experience!

    1. Oh my goodness your experience sounds horrible!