Le Khaokob and Khao Pina Caves - Thailand

Last weekend it was a friends birthday here in Trang, so we decided to do a little sight seeing. We went to visit the Le Khaokob and Khao Pina Caves. Our first stop was Le Khaokob Cave. Here we got onto a little boat which took us on the tour. It all started so well... we were all excited and what we saw, was truly beautiful...

Things were going swimmingly until...

Let me just jump in here and start to explain how we all felt... well... we all thought we were GOING TO DIE!! If NASA had somehow taken a photo of us with some or other xray vision camera, this is what you would have seen from a top view...
 My panic really started kicking in when I turned to the tour guide and said, "Please just get us out of here, I don't want to die in Thailand. I'm not ready to go yet. I don't want to land up on the cover of our local newspaper back home". His response: ".............". NOTHING. All he could say in the end was, "Don't worry, I look out for you". While we were all in a slight panic, some of us started getting knocked, shoved and squashed by the stalactites. We struggled for what must have been a good half an hour and eventually got to see the light of day. There was nothing said. All 6 of us were shaken up but just happy to see that everyone got out.

If this didn't scare us... no we live on all this adrenalin pumping action... we went on to discover another cave in a mountain. This cave is ancient ruins from waaaaaay back. It's really beautiful but if any of you are a little claustrophobic like me, both these caves might have to be skipped. I will admit, I've done it now, it was beautiful but will never ever do it again.

Claudia Jones

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