Pak Meng, Trang

Pak Meng Beach is located 42 km's out of Trang and about 80km's from Krabi. It is an untouched little local town where most tourist go to get to the peer and then go off to visit popular islands around Trang, one being Koh Mook. Pak Meng beach is the choice for most locals of Trang. It is lined with loads of Thai restaurants and little shops selling all sorts of things. This is not the biggest tourist destination but if you like visiting local spots of countries, Pak Meng would be one little place to visit. It's so untouched and has a unique beauty of it's own. I took a few photos and created a little video using VC Studio from my iPhone.

Custom made Jet Ski. I loved this.

Romsai "Sefood"

I think these are second hand...

The pimped van we took to get back to Trang.