Happy Birthday Mom

Seeing as I am in Thailand and so so sooooo far away from home, I'm trying to keep the birthday wishing special. This one is going out to a very beautiful, strong, caring and awesome woman, my mom. Everybody knows that their mom is always right, sometimes children will want to disagree but in the end of the day she is always the one that you run back to when things are going for the worst. She will listen and always give advice. It is always for your well-being. She'll embrace you with open arms and a massive hug and instantly you know things can only get better. They know when things go wrong and are always the first to ask if you are really ok. I love my mom to the end of the world and back, literally,  and will always be greatful for everything that she has done for me. I love you so much mom and really hope that you have a beautiful birthday filled with smiles and love. Sending you loads of love all the way from Thailand.

After having made videos for my brother and gran, I only found it fair to make one for my mom too. After a lot of retakes and even more laptop crashing I have eventually managed to put this little birthday wish together. Hope you enjoy it! I got some of my students together to help me make this one. If you can't view the video below you can click here.


Claudia Jones

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