What his shoes say about him

This post is probably one that my friends will look at and say "we were wondering when this was coming".
If you ask my friends, they will tell you that every guy I've met went through the shoe test. I suppose it might be a bit crazy but I've really found that the shoe says a lot about his personality. This post was really quite enjoyable, bringing back memories with the help from my friend Jo.

Let's just get one part clear though, in the working environment it's really not the place to judge him on his shoes, although there are ways of wearing impressive shoes and still keeping it professional.
The time to judge is when you meeting the guy in a more relaxed environment. Not work. Below are a few little examples of shoes I have noticed that says a lot about him.

The Flippy Flopper

"The Flippy Flopper" is casual and probably the type of guy that enjoys life and feels so comfortable in his own skin to even be bothered by what people might think of him. Same goes for "The Hippie". They 95% of the time surfers or wannabe surfers. They walk dogs on the beach, your typical puppy man that loves his dog for the sole priority of it being a babe magnet.

The Hippie

The "Hippie" likes to travel, is a crowd pleasure, has loads of friends and seems to know everybody. He lives in the moment, enjoying every second of his life and doesn't care what people might have to say about him. Has a two in one shampoo and conditioner or either uses soap. He loves the down to earth girls who wears dresses and flowers in her hair. He will try anything once.

Mr Casual

"Mr Casual"... Probably enjoys music and will most likely have it form quite a big part of his life. This guy won't be found in your normal commercial disco jocky clubs. He will be in bars or venues that normally involves a live band. He's easy to talk to and a lot of fun. Also enjoys the occasional stand up comedy.

Shiny Sh#t

"Shiny sh#t"... This is the shoe that goes way back to the days of doc martins, I'm not too sure on the spelling but if this dude steps on your feet not only will it hurt but clearly he wants to impress in the wrong way. He also suffers from short man syndrome. He will most likely be the guy that will try really hard to get your attention and will probably strike up the most random conversations by using 19-footsek pick up lines just to show that he is interested . Stand back. Observe him, he's personality dates back to the time when the shoe was invented. One more thing, check out his wardrobe, his the guy that will have a shiny shirt.

The Cool Guy

 "the Cool Guy". Just cool. Every girl wants him. He is a mans man and a mommy's boy. So he knows how to treat the ladies. He doesn't mind watching chick flicks and won't mind picking up your womanly monthly toiletries. He has an awesome personality and will wooo you from the moment you meet him.


 "um"... This is only fine if you at home. Don't wear this in public guys. Girls will notice the worn socks and possible your toe because it's long toe nails broke out into the world. The socks are probably not even matching... he lounges around in his towel or underwear, the dishes are all in his room, plays PlayStation, doesn't shower until he needs to go out and just a no no. Expect to pay for yourself on the first date. A bit awkward around the ladies, being a bit inappropriate at times, slightly offensive, order takeaways and watches The Family Guy. He doesn't really mind being alone and therefor lacks on the ladies. He likes reading... instruction manuals.

Mr I Dont Care

 "Mr I Don't care" is super casual. Clean , sometimes too clean and will most likely ask you to leave your shoes outside. He has a cat, maybe even a dog. Reads books in his free time and you'll be surprised at the amount of knowledge he hides in his brain. He is Mr. Encyclopedia but sets a trend completely unique to himself.  He has a favorite T-shirt and a cool hairstyle without gel.

I'm too hot for Anybody

 The "I'm too hot for anybody" likes his woman in the kitchen. Making sandwiches. Gourmet Sandwiches.
He wears three types of gel and owns more skin care products (cause "he's worth it") than you and your chick friends combined. He is always too busy to call you back. The pending man. By busy he is searching up the latest trends and also doing his hair. again. and again. He charms his way out of any difficult situations. He is the Jock of Jocks. You will always feel under dressed standing next to him and lets give it to him, he most likely has a beautiful smile, with dimples and great arms, lets not forget the tan. Selftan?
He has one pose for all his photos which is practiced in front of the mirror before heading out and will always be caught on his good side in any photo opportunity and would make you sacrifice your photogenicness by having you pose on your bad side. 

Finally there is the All-in-one-shoe guy. His mood swings are more erratic than a woman on pms. He is not too sure what his style is and can easily be trained. There is hope for this man even though most look past him. His mother still loves him. He does try really hard but can be influenced by his friends. He is the DIY guy and always an advantage to have around. Often makes stupid mistakes but will admit to them, eventually. Give him the opportunity of being a child, he will embrace it with his whole heart, which will always make you laugh. Public embarrassments will be your down fall.



  1. This was a really fun post! I thoroughly enjoyed helping coming up with the "descriptions". :)