My arrival in Bangkok

I mentioned a while back, how exciting insane my little massively long trip was leaving South Africa, waiting in Dubai and then arriving in Bangkok... oh what was that? I never mentioned in detail... well here it comes. My best advice would be to listen and take note, this is what not to do or rather, my experience might help you do it better.

*WARNING: This is quite a long post, sorry.*

This is me leaving South Africa...

Please just note that wearing jewelery is not the best idea when you going through all the security checks. Yes I was one of those irritating girls, that take up all the time in the world to remove it all and then having to put it back on. Whether I threw it in my bag, I would still have to dig it out every time, so I just figured I would suck up the embarrassment and just take it off and put it back on every time. 
I arrived after a 2 hour delay in Cape Town and another 6 hour delay in Dubai looking like this:
After being run after by a soldier in Bangkok and making it through the foreign passport terminal in tears, I had finally met Bangkok at night and man oh man, was I looking glamourous. 

So here's what not to wear when you are flying:
- Jewelery (Too much of it, one pair of earnings is enough to make you look good. If you have to wear bangles, make sure it's made from material and not anything metal.)
- Stretch, fold over, elastic pants (This is such a no no because on the flight they start stretching out horribly. Aim for tights with a dress or long top).
- Hair (To keep your hair in mint condition, try to braid it, it's the only way curly hair will maintain itself well. Hopefully.)

This is what I looked like running through an airport with my pants falling down:

While running on the tram in Bangkok and after being yeld at by the soldier emotions were high. I met too elderly ladies on the tram. We just knew from the moment we had made eye contact that not one of us knew where to go or what the hell we were doing...

Here are a list of emotions you might experience along the way:

First emotion: Cape Town.

Even though I was the one at the airport with my bags and ticket in hand, it still didn't feel like I was the one everyone was coming to say good bye to. It genuinely felt like I was greeting off one of my friends.
Anyway, as we leaving Hermanus for Cape Town with the parents, the whole adventure still didn't sink in. People were calling and sending me messages, wishing me well but still it really still didn't feel like I was leaving. My family and friends met up at the airport to do the big farewell and emotions only started hitting home when I hugged each one of them good bye. 

Saying goodbye to my parents was truly a whole bunch of mixed emotions. We were crying, laughing and all the rest. We were all excited for my adventure but as I greeted each one of them I was starting to wonder if this was the best idea I had ever come across. Most of my friends and family will be able to agree with me when I say that I have a whole lot of dreams but I never really make the big ones come true. Until this one. I really wouldn't have had this opportunity if it wasn't for my parents helping out a little-big financial hand. 

As I walked through the gates crying but smiling at the same time I looked back at my family waving at me with big smiles and eyes filled with tears. This really hit home. I realized then and there I had to physically do things on my own from this point on. After my hand luggage got checked, I was standing there like a real tool not knowing which direction to go. I didn't even know where the next gate was and lets just be honest, there is only one direction to walk after you go through those gates. I kept looking back at my parents, crying my heart out realizing that this is now me who we came to say good bye to. It's such a weird feeling I cannot even begin to explain it.

One quickly realizes that all those times you ask friends and family for advice will definitely not be easy this time round. Things are now a lot different. If you don't know where you are or what to do you can't simply call someone up for help. You literally stand there like a lost fart floating about the airport not knowing which way to go, so you just hang there. In the air. Lost. And stinky. Literally.

There I go, turn around one last time, wave my emotional good bye and walk on where there are people who are either in the same emotional boat as me or who have done this a million times and aren't affected what so ever.

Just a side note... every time you hand over that passport and ticket of yours you cannot help but to start panicking just a little bit in case they wont let you go any further. So ladies and gentle men, if you are keen to go abroad and not too sure how to go about it, I will be posting up a step by step instruction of how you can prepare yourselves emotionally as well as knowing what to pack and what not to pack.