Koh Lipe Island - Thailand

Koh Lipe. It is just so freaking beautiful I have no words to describe it. Even the photos I took, doesn't do the island any justice what so ever. I was trying to describe to my friends and family back home, what the sea looks like whether its when you looking at it from a boat or kayak or when you actually swimming in it. It's just so unreal. Picture a massive swimming pool with crystal clear water filled with props and fish. Its just too amazing. You can see right down to the bottom of the ocean. What's quite amazing and I suppose a little frightening at one point is when you swimming without goggles and then when you put the goggles on. Its almost like a window to a whole, entire new world. There are thousands and thousands of little fish of all the colours of the rainbow that are swimming around you all the time. It's like swimming in a Nemo Fish Tank.

The few pictures below were taken of the little bungalow I was staying in that weekend.

Oh you know, this was just the view I had everyday, all the time, every second of every minute...

We had a bright idea and decided to build sand couches instead of sand castles. It worked out quite amazingly.


I want to go back...