Happy birthday Brother!

I'd like to dedicate another post to another awesome person in my life... my brother. Even though this guy is younger than me, he has always been wiser and probably more responsible. He is majorly talented and has an amazing heart! If I had to describe my brother to you it would be chilled out, kind, loves music, can draw amazingly and the very best brother in the whole wide world! I couldn't have been luckier to have a sibling like him. Even though we might have our differences it has always brought us closer.

So because I'm sitting in Thailand and my family is in South Africa, I still want to be part of all the birthday celebrations that I am missing out on. Here is a little video I put together to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

If you can't view the YouTube version below, I have uploaded it further down, within blogger.

Please note, that I'm not professional at these videos and would really like to keep it that way. I think amateur is way more unique :)


If you like this elevator music you can go find it here.

Kids... only the faces that a mother could love.

This photo is only amazing to me because we did not plan the "ears"... it just happened.

Claudia Jones

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  1. its absolutely lovely cleo!!
    Happy birthday her lil bro!! xxx

  2. Claudia, this is absolutly amazing! Thanks so much for making my day even more special! And tell your class I say thank you for the Happy birthday song, they did really well. Love you lots my sister!