Something cool and something not so cool

First off I want to share this iPhone App with you. I've noticed that quite a large number of people post photos in a collage type of format on most social networks... I tried finding it for a while now and eventually came along this free app that you can download from the iStore. It's called InstaCollage. Here are a few photos I took in Thailand and then tried using this little app for my first time. It's pretty funky I think.

These photos were taken in Mahachai.

Finding animals for sale on the streets of Thailand is so common. You can buy anything from bunnies, hamsters, snakes, squirrels, fish to snapping turtles. I actually don't like the way these animals are kept in plastic boxes and cages in the horrible heat with all the traffic racing pass. Really not good for them and definitely not natural. Just remember that the heat in Thailand is insanely hot, so those poor little hamsters must be burning up from the plastic container never mind the water boiling up for the poor snapping turtle. On a side note, I never asked the man to take out the snapper turtle. He came and grabbed him out and then tapped the thing on it's head to make it angry. I was seriously upset with the man. So cruel.