A special 90th!

A very special person is celebrating a massive birthday tomorrow. This special person has been a massive influence in my life. The stories we share, endless hours on the phone, the love of anything beautiful and the amount of respect I have for her. She has endless stories from the past and it's always so amazing to listen to them. From being a young beautiful dancing princess who loves cocktails, to the now gracious and beautiful gran I have had the privileged of having in my life, I am wishing you a very very happy 90th Birthday all the way from Thailand! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me since the beginning of my little existence. Love you so much!

In order for this birthday message to come across nicely, I have composed a little video birthday greeting for my gran. She is so amazing that she follows my blog too! Here you go Gran, hope you love it!


Claudia Jones

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