Weather in Thailand

My Thailand experience has just been hot. When people back home ask me what the whether is like, all I can tell them is that it is hot. Come rain or sun, it stays hot. On most days, it's incredibly hot. So hot that when you traveling some where on a scooter, you can feel the sun literally burning your skin. You especially feel this type of burn when you don't apply sunscreen the morning before you hit the road.

Hat Yai on a rainy day. Wish I was able to capture the physical rain pouring down.

Some ask, whether or not the air cools down after it has rained. Yes, sometimes. Sometimes the air really cools down quite a bit but on other days it just feels like the air is even more humid and wet than what it was before it rained. The air here is humid. ALL. THE. TIME. There is no escaping it.

I can't even begin to explain to you what my first reaction was, when I first stepped out of the airport. Apart from screaming "OH MY GOSH IT'S HOOOOT!!!", I will never forget walking out of the Bangkok airport and have it physically feel like I was walking into an invisible, hot, liquid type of wall. In fact, the change in temperature slapped me through the face. It was hot, humid and felt so incredibly stuffy. It was really quite an over whelming feeling and felt completely unreal.

Back home the air feels light, cool (even on hot days) and 100% fresh. Here it's a completely different type of air. Here the air feels like it's physically hanging on you. Your skin feels wet ALL the time and it seems as though you have little droplets on your skin even though you don't see it. It's really the strangest thing, you want to wipe your arms dry all the time even though it doesn't look wet.

I can honestly tell you that still to this day, there isn't a morning that goes by, when the first thing I think about when I wake up, is breathing in the fresh air back home.