Singing is a Sport

Here in Thailand I have noticed that there are soooo much of these little birds. Almost every single Thai man here has a little black and white bird called a Nak Kong Hua Juk. At first, I thought that these little birds were just pets but today I found out a little more about them.

 These little birds are used in competitions to win money and other prizes. The little birds are trained for a period of 6 - 12 months before they are entered into the competitions. Basically the little birds are judged on their singing and/or the sound that they make. I was told that before the competitions they are closed up and then uncovered as soon as the competition starts. This change from dark to light, makes the little bird believe that it is day time and that it is time to sing.

Sometimes the prize money ranges anything from 10 000 Baht right up to 1 million Baht depending on the criteria of the competition. They are very well looked after and are loved by their owners. This is just something short and interesting and hope that one day I will hopefully come across one of these competitions so that I can take a few photos. Just thought I'd share this little fact about Thailand with you. If you want to hear what they sound like I found this link on the interwebs... and no, it's not the chicken in the background.