Park your Elephant!

It's been a very very long time since I last posted anything and I am really sorry about that. The other day I mentioned in a status about the parked elephants! It's just so unreal to see these massive magical creatures walking down the street amoungst all the traffic, never mind seeing them parked in between the scooters. When I see these elephants walking around with their trainers, I get an over all feeling of mixed emotions. I'm excited to see them but also very sad to see them walking in the city. It's not where they belong. Anyway, I never really got a good quality photo but if I had to it would look something like this:

Here are a few photos that a local took for me.

Even just looking at these few photos I posted now... it really breaks my heart to see them in the city. You get this weird sense of sadness when you near these big creatures. It's kind of heart breaking actually. They really do not look so happy when you see them walking...