oooooh thailand

A lot of my friends and family back home ask me about the Thai food and if I am enjoying it. Others joke and ask me if I enjoy eat dog or monkey brains. Thankfully those things are not eaten here in Thailand. If that does happen it's extremely rare and not something that you would just find here. That type of thing, correct me if I'm wrong, happens mostly in Korea, China and those places. Not in Thailand.

Iced Cafe Latte


Generally the food is actually quite amazing and tasty. One has to be aware that if you are going to buy the food sold at the little stalls in the market, one can expect slight changes to you bowel system. It's definitely something your stomach has to adapt to. Most of the restaurants are really good but there might be the odd occasion or two where the meat has been standing in the sun all day and/or your body won't function to all the spiciness. It has taken me a really long time to get my body to adapt to this change.

One of the subjects I am giving at this school is called "Talent Show". We are teaching the children English songs and encouraging those with talents to show the rest what they can do, whether it's from singing to dancing to painting etc. At first the kiddies are quite frightened by the whole idea so in order for them to get use to me and use to the idea I am trying to bring them into the "Talent Show" subject slowly. So our first little project at school is to create a tree. They each creating anything from leaves to apples to little birds that can be used for decorating this tree.

My one English class... quite an enthusiastic bunch.

Our first tree is almost finished but they loved it anyway.

This is the environment around the school: 

This little girl was actually so cute but so funny at the same time. She was sitting across from me at the table during lunch time and was giving me the evil eye most of the time. She wasn't too sure about this falang.
 So she came a little closer to inspect me... hehe that was the face I got the whole time.

A few pictures of the school:


Our school is meant to look like a boat.

Please just note the pencil posts... I think they awesome!



  1. Looks like you are having a great time. I love that your school is designed to look like a boat.