Adventures in Thailand

I must apologize for the very late posts and rare ones at that. Currently I am in Hat Yai... So far my overall experience is that I have not seen many foreigners at all which can be a little frustrating seeing as so little people speak English here. I am staying in a hostel at the moment but will hopefully be moving out to something a little better. I am actually on my way to go and look at something now so I will have to cut this post a lot shorter than I was hoping.

The pictures following below were taken at The Coffee Story here in Hat Yai:
- Awesome Moment: Watching all the little geckos... there are so many of them and it's very common that you would find them almost everywhere in Hat Yai.
- Awkward Moment: While watching these little geckos, two rats ran across the beams not too far above our heads. Myself and a co-worker couldn't help but scream like little girls...