Adventures in Thailand: Part 03

This morning I went on a little walk about for some breakfast. This must yet again have been one of the most interesting moments of my time here in Thailand. As I was standing at this little stall, admiring all the little snacks and things, I eventually ordered something a little daring. On the table they had these "surprise packages" as I like to call them, wrapped up in long leaves. I ordered one of them along with two boiled eggs and one puffy white thing (I will find out what the name is of this).

 The puffy white thing was filled with pork. It's actually pretty good. This was inside the parcel...

My eggs were another story... They never came boiled. It was sludgy. After another half a hour of charades explaining to the lady that I want the eggs a little more cooked or boiled, they still came back very watery. I felt so horrible when she looked at me in disgust, so I smiled politely and downed half of this snotty business with a smile while crying on the inside.



  1. I would not have eaten that so called egg....looks like those raw egg drinks that sports people drink... argh

  2. Well, the food looks appetizing except for those eggs. I wouldn't be able to have those in that condition. It's practically raw!

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    1. Thank you for helping me out with the name of "the puffy white thing" :) it is so good to get feedback like this and is much appreciated!
      Thank fully I never got sick from the eggs. So all is good and well :)

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