Bangkok - Thailand

I have arrived!!!
After a 2 hour delay in Cape Town and another 6 hour delay in Dubai, running around the Bangkok airport like a crazy person and then being run after by a soldier, making it through the foreign passport terminal with tears, looking for my suitcase, seeing Bangkok for the first time in the dark and then the real Bangkok the next day, I will admit that this experience of mine has been two days of an award winning book waiting to be written! As soon as I have a chance there will be more pictures, more cartoons and LOADS of stories.

So far have a look at a few pics I've taken... this my dear people... is the real Bangkok...

This is actually in Dubai after 6 hours... things start getting to you when  you sit in an airport where no one understands you... you start taking pictures like this...

If you look at the right hand pic above, my hotel apartment room is in the building on the left.

The same street...

Coca cola

Shopping centre

This was my first reminder of home and my brother... memes

I have never seen so many colourful cars in my life...

In just one day I became a pro! (with a little help of course)



  1. "Kek huay" is Chrysanthemum tea :)

    I often miss the multi coloured taxis when I'm outside of Thailand, the Thai taxis are so easy to spot!

    1. Love the fact that Thailand is so colourful! :)