Romantiques and a Barefoot Cook in Hermanus

Hermanus has so many cool things to find if you take the time to walk around and discover them. When you driving through Hermanus, you tend to look over the things that are actually really worth a visit.
There is a little shop by the name of Romantiques and I have been meaning to post something about them for quite some time. This antique / collectables store doesn't only cater for one type of person. There is really something for everyone.

Every single room or section is themed into something awesome. There is even a tiny little cinema that plays movies from the earliest of days. I can promise you now that you won't be dissapointed! GO HAVE A LOOK!


While you there, go next door to the awesome Restuarant called the Barefoot Cook! The food is absolutely amazing and the menu changes on a daily basis. The chef decides what she will have on the menu as each day goes by.
12 Aberdeen Street - 028 312 4681