Morning Cat!

Almost every single morning before I go to work, I am greeted by the cutest looking little ginger cat. It's our neighbours* cat and apparently he is slightly blind. So if he isn't sitting on their window sill, I have to make sure that he isn't lying under my car.

I'm not too sure what her/his name is but I greet him/her by saying: "Morning Cat". He/She just stands there looking at me as if to say: "Enjoy work, because all I have to do is lie around and look awesome. See you later, I'll be on the window sill."

Taken this morning.
*That is the South African  way of spelling.



  1. Ha ha I have been reading your blog for a while now and never realised you are also South African.

    1. Yes, Proudly South African! Thank you for following my blog Vivian!