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If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you that I have a lot of sh*t. I'm sorry if the word offends anyone but from the amount of things I have stored in the garage, in my room and any other place I can find to store my stuff, you will see that I do have way too much stuff and very little organisational skills for these things at times. So, because of this I have had to become domesticated/clever/creative to hang/store things all over the place without it looking like a junk yard (which is very hard to believe coming from me).
Here are a two ways of fixing up a mess:

1. Handbags etc:
If you like me and love little clutch purses/handbags you will find it really difficult to keep these in a safe place without getting them squashed. I find this an awesome way to keep them "safe" and see them at the same time!

2. The dreaded beaded necklaces:
Anyone will know that if you have a lot of these, they tend to end up in a box, draw or bag and the results are almost like a tangled horror between you and the ball-mess of beads. I try to keep them tangle free like this amongst other things. These little guys can be stuck anywhere and out of sight... best place for me... inside a cupboard door.

Claudia Jones

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