Pick up Line

Today is hurl Valentines day! Happy Hurl Valentines EVERYONE! hehe no I joke... to those of you who have a special someone, I hope today is special for you guys and ladies remember it's leap year which apparently means you have to make this day special for him! ;)

To those of us who are single, I have a little story for you that happened to me a couple of  years ago on this very hurl valentines day. Myself and two of my friends went out for a drink or two. Somewhere along the night, this guy come across us. We couldn't believe that someone would try a pick up line like this... I really couldn't believe it. It's SO OLD and cliché!

Body Spasm.




  1. Whaha so funny! When guys use very cheesy lines on me, I usually ask them in surprise if that really works on some girls for them. If they then grin stupidly, that's the end of our conversation. If they come up with some funny response they still have a tiny chance :p