Cape Town Surrounds - South Africa

The past week has been a little bit hectic on my side.
It's back to work... back to reality... and for most of us, ending up broke after an amazing holiday!

Despite every other person's struggle to get back into a work routine, the company I work for decided to do things differently this year. We had a one day conference on Monday and then on the Tuesday we went on a bus tour all around the Cape Peninsula. I've got TONS of photos from the tour but here are just a few:

This is on your way out of Durbanville.
Many contruction sites, business parks and surrounding wine farms.

The picture below was taken out of the bus window. This is the Caltex Refinery and no that is not a fire. The purpose of that little flame is to burn all the toxins before it enters the atmosphere. I'm not really too sure how it works but I'm planning on finding out. Stay tuned!
OH! and yes, that is our beautiful Table Mountain in the background.

The famous Green Point Stadium that was built especially for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Seapoint. Promenade.
If you look in the middle left of this photo below, you will see a circuit.
That's right... a full gym circuit in the open air. Awesome idea if you ask me!

Seapoint. Promenade.

Heading towards Clifton...

Hout Bay.

Stalls. Many of them! All selling Africa inspired crafts, jewelry, clothes, accessories, statues etc.

That seal below is called Rob. He is so tame.
That guy on his right has been friends with this seal for over 30 years (so he says).
The seal only comes out to him. With a little fish bribery, Rob will let you pat, stroke and maybe even sit on him for a few donations and fish.

Houtbay from a distance.

Chapman's Peak

Long Beach.

Cape Point.

Hopefully sometime this week I will still be able to post up my comic of these guys...

Simon's Town.

The back of Table Mountain.