As I told you yesterday, I was stuck in the traffic on my way home - ON my birthday (which was Tuesday just by the way).
So I decided that it's time to think of things that might make traffic a little more entertaining or rather

I have a few friends who do not understand the concept of traffic because THEY, unlike us unlucky ones, have just always been in that awesome situation where their work lies against the traffic or 5 minutes from home... those are the friends who normally have all the energy in the world... the happy ones... the ones who hardly ever get upset with other drivers on the road... and probably don't know what Road Rage is.
Here is a normal day to day photo of traffic...

Check how many cars there still are up ahead... and note that you only driving 20km/h... MAX!

Here are some ways I think you can make traffic more fun...
First case scenario... have a (silent) puppet show for the people in the car behind or next to you. Use socks.

Do a little mathematics by making use of number plates around you...
and lastly enjoy the radio / boom box... if you don't have one... take a portable little CD player with you... we did it when we were students... looks ridiculous... but it makes people laugh... and if the car is full of students... you couldn't care less about what others might think of you.

Claudia Jones

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