Paint Ball

This weekend I went to watch my brother and his team play a game on the west coast, next to the Bush Pub.
Paint ball must be one of the most painful and exhausting sports I have encountered. I really think people under estimate the amount of effort, exercise and time these guys put into this hobby. You should really go and watch a game! They are CONSTANTLY RUNNING, jumping and diving.

Saturday I was asked to be the photographer... I didn't realize that I was also going to be part of the game. I was asked to get as many shots as I could. At first I thought I'd be standing on the side line taking photos... but the marshal was kind enough to inform me that he will be "escorting" me around the field...

There I went: 1 girl, a DRESS, sandals and my camera. After dodging bushes, thorns and tree branches, I was hit by a stray bullet on my knee. The aim of the game was not to shoot the photographer but it just so happened that one guy didn't distinguish between the FLORAL BRIGHT GREEN STUPID DRESS and his opponents  No hard feelings though... had a good laugh after.

Note to self: Never under estimate the environment / condition you might be placed in as a photographer. Come WAY MORE prepared. Dress properly... and NEVER wear sandals in the bush.
(Just to defend myself... I had no idea I was going to be so involved in the game)



  1. Thanks for coming and taking some pics for us!
    and sorry I shot you :p

  2. @The Given

    hehehe no worries! Had a good time despite being shot! :)

  3. awesome photos, wish i could have played on the day :(

  4. @Thomas

    there will definitely be a next time! :)