my birthday

Its unlucky to have your birthday during the week. It normally means working from 8-5 and just by chance it will be one of the worst / busiest days ever. Things go wrong and you just simply forget it's even your birthday.
So after sitting in the office, I was off to collect prints for work which meant traffic on the way home. Yup, a hour and a half.... that's how long karma decided to put me in peak hour traffic.

When I eventually got home, I was exhausted and went to sleep.
Somewhere along my sleep, Vonnie (house mate) came into my room with 6 little cupcakes and a candle in each.
She sang happy birthday and nearly brought me to tears.

So there I blew out the candles, only to find that these candles were the "recharge" ones... meaning these candles will not die! While we were laughing and trying to kill the life of these candles, the room filled up with smoke and poor Frank ran to a corner of my room and just sat there watching us.

Needless to say, one by one we killed them in the sink. Dangerous candles if you ask me. :)